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Big Update to Castle Ruins Environment! (v1.1)

A huge consistency pass to go along with my other assets.

I'll breakdown the update in 3 parts now.

Part 1 - Castle Ruins (the main castle pieces)

- Added custom colliders for every piece.

- Added LODs for all pieces.

- Added 2 new brick textures.

- Added 2 new plaster textures.

- Better Albedo delighting and updated AO textures.

- Added textures for Unity HDRP.

- Cleaned up geometry.

- Scale is now correct and in centimeters.

- Added Shader Graphs for Unity 2020 (HDRP and URP)

- Naming convention now added.

Part 2 - Nature Assets (all the foliage)

- Texture now uploaded in 4K with no compression.

- Added Unity HDRP textures

- New texture maps. (AO, Normal, Roughness, Translucency[SSS])

- Scale for all plants is now correct and in centimeters.

- Naming convention for better organization (SM_, TEX_)

- LODs were added for all plants.

- Changed Grass #17 to have more grass elements.

- Added Flower #08.

- Cleaned up a lot of UVs and optimized geometry even more.

Part 3 - Medieval Objects (the axe, the hay, the anvil...)

- Added LODs for all meshes.

- Unity HDRP textures added.

- Major clean up. (Meshes are now separated by Elements and much easier to manipulate).

- Fixed a lot of Normal Map issues.

- Albedo Texture delighting was overall improved.

- Roughness Textures were improved.

- New and improved AO maps.

- Improved pivot point placement.

- Scale now in centimeters.

- New textures for the Anvil.

- New textures for the Wood Cart.

- New textures for the Work Stool.

- New mesh and textures for the Hand Axe.

- New mesh and textures for the Pitchfork.

- New mesh for the Hanging Clothes.

- Added color options for the hanging clothes.

- Added color options for the Pitchfork.

- Added a new Potato box to go together with the Apple Box.

Coming very soon. Enjoy :)

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